More than 30 years of experience

GENEL HAVACILIK A.S. is the pioneer business aviation company in Türkiye with more than 30 years of experience. Leading business jet & helicopter maintenance repair activities in Türkiye, GENEL HAVACILIK A.S. has maintenance approvals of DGCA Türkiye, EASA, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Lebanon, Kazakhistan, Mongolia, Republic of Congo, Bailiwick of Guernsey Civil Aviation authorities. For US-registered aircraft, GENEL HAVACILIK A.S. has an in-house FAA A&P mechanic.

GENEL HAVACILIK A.S. performs its maintenance operations at both Istanbul Ataturk Airport (LTBA) and Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport (LTFJ) in facilities composed of office space, parking area, avionics shops, battery shops, wheel shops, paint shop and warehouses with a total area of 60.000 m2 of which 20.000 m2 is hangar space.

Our maintenance team comprises professionals fully dedicated to airframe, engines, avionics, interior & exterior completion, painting and refurbishment. Moreover, GENEL HAVACILIK A.S. Quality and Safety Department ensures that every aircraft is ­operated and maintained in accordance with the regulatory and highest professional standards.

Business Jet Maintenance

Cost Effective and Reliable

Proper aircraft maintenance is essential for keeping aircraft and aircraft parts in an optimal condition and ensuring the safety of pilots, crew, and passengers.

GENEL HAVACILIK A.S. has extensive experience in business jets and keeps investing in new fixed-wing aircraft maintenance.

GENEL HAVACILIK A.S. offers high-quality plane maintenance services for business jet operators with an approach of providing the best services under all circumstances with a team of expert and experienced engineers and technicians.

GENEL HAVACILIK A.S. is capable of Base/Line maintenance for Embraer 135/145, Falcon 900,2000, Hawker 400- 700-800-850-900, Nextant 400 XTI, Eclipse EA500, Bombardier Challenger 300 -350, Bombardier Global Series, Bell 206- 407, Cesna Citation XL – XLS.

Business Jet Maintenance

Helicopter Maintenance

Precision Works

Imagine a million parts rotating together in harmony. Helicopter maintenance hence requires high precision and flawless work.

GENEL HAVACILIK A.S. is the leading maintenance company for Bell helicopters in the region. GENEL HAVACILIK A.S. is dedicated to providing the best helicopter maintenance that fits your schedule. Our mobile teams can perform checks and repairs on-site to minimize positioning costs.

Helicopter Maintenance

Aircraft Refurbishment

Meticulous Attention to Detail

GENEL HAVACILIK A.S. has an extensive capability dedicated to providing exceptional exterior and interior aircraft refurbishment and refinishing for corporate jets and turboprops.

Our team is specialized in exquisitely detailed interiors and exteriors and also in providing premium custom paint jobs on various aircraft.

It is our top priority to work in close coordination with clients during the decision and application phases and customizes everything according to clients’ needs and budget.

Aircraft Refurbishment

Aircraft Painting

Exellence & Elite

GENEL HAVACILIK A.S. is capable of painting business jets & helicopters with a dedicated & experienced painting team.

Aircraft Patinting

Aircraft Inspection

Revealing the Real Value

GENEL HAVACILIK A.S. helps clients to have basic information for decision-making in aircraft acquisition. We have the capability to assess aircraft on final delivery inspection, providing our clients with technical representation to manage their asset value and monitor the asset in service during its entire life span. Key points on the assessment

  • The aircraft’s damage history.
  • Engine and airframe modifications
  • Condition of avionics.
  • Condition of the airframe.
  • Inspection status of the aircraft.
  • Engine overhaul status.
  • Presence of logbooks and all related documentation.
  • Condition of the paint.
  • Condition of the interior.
Aircraft Inspection


A Perfect Stop

Our specialized workshops are designed to support our maintenance capabilities and ensure that no time is wasted by outsourcing critical work to third parties.

  • Sheet metal / structural
  • Brakes, wheels and tyres
  • NDT (level II & level III)
  • Paint shop
  • Interior refurbishment
  • Cleaning

Parts & Components Supply

Fast and Accurate Service

GENEL HAVACILIK A.S. is a regional supplier of aircraft parts and aviation services to the airlines, aircraft operators, airframe manufacturers and MRO operations. Utilizing highly trained staff with extensive experience in aviation industry and state of the art technology, GENEL HAVACILIK A.S. maintains an extensive inventory of airplane parts under most stringent Quality Management System. All aircraft parts for sale are received or shipped through OEMs, airlines or repair facilities that are FAA or EASA certified and have full certification and traceability documentation.

At GENEL HAVACILIK A.S. our goal is to be your valued aviation supply partner offering superior aviation products and service and access to thousands of airframe parts and accessories, aircraft engine parts, landing gear components, aircraft avionics, flight controls, aircraft lights and more. Whether you are looking to purchase your required airplane parts or would like to use our aviation parts seller services to sell your aircraft parts, we can assure you that you will receive the highest level of service and support available in the commercial aviation industry.

Parts & Components Supply
  • 01.Services
    Aircraft detailing
    Aircraft surveys and records inspections
    Airframe Inspections
    Airworthiness Management
    Batteries and interiors repairs
    Brakes & Wheels
    CAMO services
    Customer service
    Interior refurbishment
    Line Maintenance
    Part 21
    Ramp services
    Refurbishment and modification
    Sheet metal
    including PPI’s
  • 02.Aircraft & Type Approvals
  • 03.Regularity Authorities Approvals
    EASA Part-145
    GACA Approval (GACAR-145)
    Lebanon Approval (LAR-145)
    Pakistan Approval (PCAA-145)
    Kazakhstan Approval
    Inhouse FAA A&P
    Mongolia (MCAA.145.F3720)
    Republic of Congo (CG-OMA-016)
    Bailiwick of Guernsey (2-REG.145.282)
    Libya (LYCAR.145.053)
  • 04.Quality & Safety System Approvals
    ISO 9001:2015
    OHSAS 18001
    ISO 14001:2015
    ISO 45001:2018
    Safety Management System (SMS)
Service Center
Authorized Dealer